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Sandwell Home & Hospital Service

Whiteheath Education Centre


The service provides education for pupils who are experiencing ill-health or trauma of a psychological/psychiatric nature. We provide a safe and supportive environment where pupils can achieve their potential academically, emotionally and socially while they are unable to attend mainstream school.

We work collaboratively with family, community, external agencies and educational establishments to provide the most appropriate support for each pupil.



We offer:

  • Stability to pupils who are experiencing ill-health or trauma of a psychological / psychiatric nature
  • A broad and balanced curriculum which is flexible and specific to the pupil's individual needs
  • The opportunity for pupils to excel academically but also to participate in a variety of activities which develop their creativity and enhance their emotional well-being


We deliver:

  • National Curriculum at Key Stages 1, 2, 3 and 4 on Home Tuition and in the Hospital
  • National Curriculum at Key Stages 3 and 4 in the Centre
  • Courses leading from Entry Level through to GCSE qualifications
  • Vocational-based subjects
  • Careers Guidance
  • A flexible work experience programme
  • Access to a variety of training and college placements



The Centre has experienced, specialist teachers who are trained to meet the needs of our particular pupils.

Pupils are also supported by a Counsellor, Music Therapist and caring Administration Staff.

Pupils also have access to the services of a School Nurse and many external agencies, including CAMHS and Connexions.